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Paraphrase Tool API

Paraphrase Tool offera a online Web API that can be utilized for automation of article rewriting service. Here you can find general complete detail about API usage and description of how to process with this api.

How to:

1. Request a API Key from site admin. (Contact US)

2. Get Free or Purchase as many spin credits as your website or application will need.

3. Integrate Paraphrase tool Service requests into your website or application.

4. Sit back and let Paraphrase Tool work for you. All day, every day.

Check your API credit

Enter your API key:

Operation: To Spin


Url: https://paraphrase.tools/contact.php
Http Method: POST
Data: Request object with following properties listed below

Name Description
api_key API Key given by site admin.
article Data needed to spin.
lang What language is this? Supported Language's Code: en,fr,ge,du,sp,tr.


SEO friendly unique content and human readable text will be generated as output. In case any error happens. It will return any of them following message.

Error Response:

Name Description
No API Key API Key not inserted on the request
API key not exists Your API key deleted by site admin
Word count exceeded the limit You have exceeded the word count limit given by site admin.
You have reached the limit Almost, your spin credits over.
Oh no, API key is expired It looks API key will be expired. Renew it!

API Sample:

Use PHP to make a paraphrase tool API Request and display the results on a web page:

Download PHP Sample

Use C# to make a standard Paraphrase tool API 'spin' Request (this is a simple console app but it can be adapted into an ASP.NET MVC.NET web page): :

Download C# Sample